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Max width 4100 mm, capacity 250 tons.

Our top-of the-range machinery from Bystronic has very high position and repetition accuracy. All the machines have hydraulic dynamic crowning of the lower beam and automatic side frame deflection compensation by means of the dynamic pressure reference technology. The latest improvements in bending technology offer the highest repeatability accuracy on the market. ‘Energy Saver’ option reduces the power consumption of the machine by up to a third, whilst also providing the added benefit of less noise and waste heat generated. Taking into account that our largest bending press has 250 ton compression force and 4100 mm max. bending width and the most compact machine has 80 tons and provides maximum process speed, we are able to find a solution to the most demanding applications.

Software ByVision for bending press and cutting machines
ByVision software makes it possible to programme the machines in our office. This reduces the setup time and risk of errors and makes matching customer wishes to our cutting and bending capabilities much easier.

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Technological advantages:

  • Reactive hydraulic dynamic crowning of the lower beam
  • Automatic side frame deflection compensation
  • Automatic dynamic pressure regulation
    and temperature caused frame deflection compensation
  • Hydraulic upper tool clamping type RF-A reduces setup time ca 20%
  • Hydraulic lower tool clamping


Bending capacity:

up to 250 tons

Bending length:

up to 4100 mm


  • Stroke up to 665 mm
  • Open height: up to 950 mm,
  • Max distance between side frames 3750 mm
  • Throat: 400 mm
  • Max. back gauge range X-axis: 1050 mm


6-axis backgauge X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2

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