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Max workpiece 680x500x700 mm, we can mark metals, plastics, coated metals and leather.

Our marking station from Trumpf guarantees extremely short processing times and maximum marking precision with high pulse-to-pulse stability. Non-contact laser marking is the method of choice for those looking to create precise, permanent markings. In the laser marking the laser beam interacts with the material in different ways which produces changes in the material surface. TruMark lasers create every kind of marking from functional and technical inscriptions to fine ornamentation.

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TruMark Station 5000 X/Y with a TruMark 6130 laser source by Trumpf

Materials we can mark

  • variety of metals
  • plastics
  • leather
  • coated metals (e.g. anodized and coated aluminium)

Typical processes

  • engraving, ablating and annealing metals
  • coloring, ablating and foaming plastics
  • creation of functional layers, cleaning of surfaces and structuring

Process advantages

  • creates precise, permanent markings even in difficult-to-access areas
  • fast and flexible
  • non-contact marking is environmentally compatible, causes low material stress
  • low costs due to the absence of tool wear

Process limits

  • Max. size of the workpiece: 680x500x700 mm
  • Max. weight of the workpiece: 25 kg
  • Max. area for marking: 300×300 mm

In some cases we can exceed the original limits set by the machine producer – so do not hesitate to contact us with your quote that seems not to fit the dimensions given above.

TruTops Mark multilingual operational system and its compatibility

  • we can import common graphic formats like .hpgl, .iges, .dxf/.dwg and .pcr
  • bitmap import for the .bmp, .tif, .jpg and .pcx formats
  • we can also mark text objects, barcodes, 2D codes and dot codes
  • we are able to adjust line width via laser parameters as parallel lines or by wobbling

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