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Min/max round tube diameter 15/152 mm, rectangular tubes with max side lenght 152 mm and max outer circle diameter 170 mm, we can cut steel, stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous materials like copper, brass and titanium.

Tube laser technology enables to optimize the production costs and the design of assemblys consisting of pipes or other profiles. It can substitute several processes – sawing, drilling and milling – into one process. Our fiber tube laser from Trumpf is a great addition to our wide sheet metal processing capability as we can offer our clients more complex products at reasonable price and delivery terms. Besides common laser cuttable materials we can cut also tubes and profiles from copper and brass. Our engineers can help you develop creative ideas and draw up cost-effective solutions for your tube components.

The advantages:

  • Allows to contour completely freely
  • Allows to process a variety of materials, wall thicknesses and profile geometries with very few limitations
  • It is cost-effective also for small series production batches
  • The required part is produced in fewer production steps – this means reduced process time, material cost and shorter lead time.
  • Quality and precision of the cut enables to increase the assembly speed and quality.


Details ↓


Max material thickness:

Carbon steel (O2): 8 mm
Stainless steel (N2): 5 mm
Aluminum (N2): 4 mm
Copper (O2): 3 mm
Brass (N2): 5 mm

Raw material dimensions:

  • Min/max round tube diameter 15/152 mm, rectangular tubes with max side lenght 152 mm and max outer circle diameter 170 mm
  • Max profile length 6 500 mm
  • Max finished part length 4 650 mm
  • Max work piece weight 20 kg/m and 130 kg
  • Automatic loading from the bundles in lengths 3 000-6 500 mm
  • Min waste in chuck 120 mm


this feature guarantees high feed rates even on smaller contours and above all for thinner materials this is a huge productivity advantage.

SeamLine Tube with inner detection:

Two optical sensors identify weld seams and markings to guarantee that each tube is properly aligned on the machine. This feature also provides the option of scanning the inside of the tube.


regardless of the material type and material thickness it reduces the piercing time by 10-80% and enables to make small, precise piercing holes quickly and without damaging the material.

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