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Max width 1350 mm and height 100 mm, pre-grinding of heavy burr and surface finishing in one pass.

In order to deliver our clients the best optical result and guarantee the best adhesion on the edge corners for coated parts and assemblies we have invested in the deburring and edge rounding technology from Timesavers. The multi-rotating brush machine provides excellent process results and is really up to the most demanding industry standards. This machine helps us to guarantee high quality on the most complicated parts where pre-grinding, deburring, edge rounding or surface finishing is needed, and be very cost effective in doing all this. Do not hesitate to request a cost estimation for this service for all your laser or waterjet cut parts.

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Processing width:

1350 mm

Table opening:

max 100 mm


two abrasive belt contact roller heads – the first for pre-grinding and removing heavy burrs, and the second for surface finishing – and rotary brush carrousel with 4 clockwise and 4 counterclockwise rotating brushes


  • removing burrs from laser, plasma, flame, waterjet cut parts, punched, machined and routed parts.
  • controllable edge radiusing for very demanding industries, e.g. aerospace, catering, medical industries.
  • processing of small parts 20 x 20 mm possible with vacuum table.

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