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We have been using fiber laser cutting machines since 2013. Compared to common CO2 lasers these machines have lower energy consumption and exploitation costs. Our laser cutting machine uses the most powerful 6 kW fiber laser source available on the market. In addition to all common laser-cuttable materials we can cut non-ferrous materials like brass, copper and titanium.

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Fiber laser technology:

  • Is extremely well suited for thinner material range: thicknesses from 0.5 mm up to 8 mm can be cut a lot faster than with CO2 lasers.
  • Enables all cuts of up to 6 mm thickness to be made with nitrogen, which allows to achieve unrivalled speed and cut quality. Nitrogen cut edge has no burning slag and is excellent for welding, it also does not require any special treatment before painting.
  • Offers low non-productive time due to the use of a shuttle table and a state of the art loading crane equipped with a vacuum lifting device.


BySprint Fiber 4000
BySprint Fiber 6000

Laser sources:

4 kW and 6 kW fiber laser

Cutting area:

1524 x 3048 mm

Max cutting thickness:

Carbon steel 20 mm, stainless steel and aluminium 15 mm, copper and brass 10 mm

Most effective cutting range thickness:

0.5–8 mm (steels, aluminium, copper, brass)

Positioning accuracy:

Pa:+/- 0.1 mm


Ps:+/- 0.05 mm

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