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Our state of the art waterjet machine enables us to cut a variety of plain materials like plastics, rubber, veneer, stone, glass, different steels, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium and composites.

Waterjet cutting produces a clean cut, which does not affect the structure of the material at the edges. By changing the cutting speed, it is possible to alter the edge quality and the production costs.

For soft materials we use pure water cutting and for harder materials water mixed with abrasives.

We have capabilities to perform cuts that are not possible with other technologies, e.g. cutting sophisticated parts with tight tolerances from thicker materials.  For cutting aluminium, stainless steel, other nonferrous materials, plastics and composites we offer excellent price-performance ratio.

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Flow Mach 4–4020b

Cutting table:

2000 x 4000 mm

Max cutting thickness:

180 mm

Max working pressure:

6500 bars, 100 HP

X and Y axis linear positional accuracy:

0.06 mm/m

X and Y axis repeatability:

0.05 mm (for total working area)

Dynamic Waterjet technology:

The tilting (8 degrees in any direction) cutting head, which compensates the stream lag and taper common for conventional waterjets – this ensures better tolerances and geometry of the part

UltraPierce Vacuum Assist System:

Enables to drill fragile and composite materials without breaking and delaminating the material/ parts.

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