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Lasermarking compatibility:

  • We can import common graphic formats like .hpgl, .iges, .dxf/.dwg and .pcr.
  • Bitmap import for the .bmp, .tif, .jpg and .pcx formats
  • We can mark text objects, barcodes, 2D codes and dot codes
  • We can adjust line width via laser parameters as parallel lines or by wobbling

Other machinery

  • MIG/MAG welding stations:
    TPS 2700 Alu Edition from Fronius
  • TIG welding stations:
    CEA and Fronius
  • Band saw:
    Macc Special 301M
  • Column drilling machine:
    AX 3 SV from Alzmetall

Software ByVision for bending press and cutting machines

ByVision software makes it possible to programme the machines in our office. This reduces the setup time and risk of errors and makes matching customer wishes to our cutting and bending capabilities much easier.

Outsourcing and partners

In addition to our in-house services we also offer other processes capabilities through our outsourcing partners in Tartu. For example, stamping and punching, tube and profile bending, sheet rolling. Our partners can provide all common stainless steel surface treatment facilities for pickling, mechanical polishing, electro polishing and carbon steel zinc plating and tin/nickel plating.

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