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Our name, Torm, means storm in Estonian. Looking back and considering the present the name given to a metalworking company couldn’t be more suitable to describe what was ahead. Although we are still young, our team members are trained proffessionals with long-term experience in the industry. We aim for sustainable growth and like a storm, there is really nothing that could stop us going, until we decide to calm down.

Our team consists of diverse group of people who cover all the skills needed to complete a full production flow at Torm. We are always welcoming people with different backgrounds and skills.

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About the company

Torm Metall OÜ was established March 06 year 2008 in Tartu, Estonia. For the first couple of years we were developing, selling and producing our own products – inside and outside hot tub heaters from aluminium. Since year 2011 we have been in the subcontracting business and currently more than 90% of our sales comes from parts and assemblies manufactured according to our our customers drawings and requirements. We have a wide range of in-house services and process capabilities. We can offer our clients anything from manufacturing of single components to ready-to-market products. Our team consists of specialists that have long-term experience and knowledge of processing aluminium and stainless steel and we are able to support customers from the very first steps of the product life cycle.

Torm Metall at a glance (2018):
10 mln per year turnover
115 employees
18 engineers
18 women employed
27 average age of our employees
7000 m2 of production floorspace
2008 since then operative

Quality, environment, health and safety

From day one the quality we offer and the challenges related has been the reason why we keep going and our customers stay and grow with us. As we have taken too seriously the promises we have made to our customers we’ve been able to increase our customer base year by year. We strive to achieve 100% delivery accuracy and reliability despite the feeling that the complexity of our business is growing day by day. We take full responsibility for the impact of our operations to the environment and we work systematically to minimize our footprint. We make no compromises in our workers’ health and safety and we continue to work hard towards achieving our principal goal of zero accidents. Our integrated management system has been certified in accordance to international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001-2007.


Although we are young our team members are trained professionals with long-term experience in the field. Our team consists of diverse group of people who cover all the skills needed to complete the full production flow. We are always welcoming people with different backgrounds and skills.

Virtues that describe our organization the best:

  • We are ambitious despite the fact that we are young and small compared to the giant corporations
  • We are working in an international and very competitive environment
  • We are building a unique seamless organisation in a very traditional industry
  • We are offering modern working environment and state-of-the-art tools for personal growth
  • We orgnanize team-building events and value spirited joint initiatives
  • We remember and celebrate individual anniversaries
  • We support active and healthy lifestyle and sponsor hobbies
  • We value proactivity in the territory of unknown

Turnover, average headcount and key developments

Year Turnover EUR Headcount Some facts or key developments
2008 16 833 2 Torm Metall OÜ founded; investment to the most primitive guillotine shares from 1960s; start of the production of hot tub heaters; at the end of the year we moved to our current location, had a floorspace ca 300 m2 and made an investment to the refurbished LVD press brake
2009 127 700 3
2010 222 300 4
2011 547 000 6 investment to waterjet machine Flow Mach 4-4020b and the start of the subcontracting business; floorspace increased to ca 900 m2
2012 991 000 13
2013 1 430 000 18 investment to laser cutting machine BySprint Fiber 4000; Bystronic Xpert200 press brake; manual powder coating line
2014 2 350 000 33 implementation of Monitor ERP system
2015 3 800 000 40 investment to second laser cutting machine BySprint Fiber 6000; automated shot blasting machine Rösler RHBE 17/22-L
2016 5 421 000 60 investment to deburring and edge rounding machine Timesavers Grindingmaster 42 WRBW; we ended the year with ca 3000 m2 of floorspace
2017 7 396 000 82 investment to tube and profile cutting technology Trumpf TruLaser Tube 5000 Fiber
2018 9 800 000 110 investment to laser cutting machine ByStar 10 000 Fiber with max sheet size 2024×4048 mm; Bystronic Xpert 250 press brake with max width 4100 mm; our management system and processes were certified according to ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007; all in all we have ca 7000 m2 of floorspace and the latest addition includes ca 1500 m2 where we installed our new powder coating line with 5-chamber pretreatment facility from Aabo Ideal-Line.


Our export markets: Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, USA

Industries we serve

  • Renewable energy
  • Appliances
  • Automotive components
  • General industry
  • Heavy equipment
  • Gym, fitness and crossfit equipment
  • Machines and inventory for food and beverage industry

Outsourcing and partners

In addition to our in-house services we also offer other processes capabilities through our outsourcing partners in Estonia and abroad. For example, stamping and punching, tube and profile bending, sheet rolling. Our partners can provide all common stainless steel surface treatment processes as pickling, mechanical polishing, electro polishing and carbon steel zinc plating and tin/nickel plating.